“MEDIMAGES: Teaching Youth Through Cinema” is a film education project created by members of the MEDIS network and co-funded by the Anna Lindh Foundation. Officially launched in August, the project will run for ten month until June 2014.

In its first stage, MEDIMAGES is to allow school students in Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco to attend four film screenings to rediscover local and independent cinematic productions, as well as the values and dialogue they encourage.

These screenings are to be organised by Misr International Films, Jordan Pioneers and Marrakech Spectacles respectively.

MEDIMAGES particularly aims to boost education through cinema, notably by encouraging educators to use teaching resources that are specially tailored to each film to inspire students to discuss them.

MEDIMAGES therefore also includes a series of professional training sessions on film education for teachers in each of the participating countries. The aim is to show teachers that films can be effective tools to transfer knowledge related to the school curriculum, especially as they usually make a strong impression on their young viewers.



Mohamed Layadi, owner of the Colisée cinema in Marrakech, talks about launching MEDIMAGES
The film education project seeks to share and discuss insightful films with school children



Teachers and film professionals meet with MEDIMAGES in Marrakesh
“Beyond knowledge and understanding, cinema is a means to share experiences”



A Childhood of Images: Introducing Film to Jordanian Education
MEDIMAGES hold its last workshop for teachers in Amman




MEDIMAGES: For an analysis of the prospects of film education in Morocco
A meeting results in the formulation of concrete proposals for a pooling of efforts 


MEDIMAGES to kick off in Marrakech
The MEDIMAGES initiative, launched last November at the 6th edition of the European Film Panorama in Cairo, is now heading to Morocco.



Egyptian schoolteachers discuss cinema as a tool for education
In Cairo, educators explore how moving images can benefit school classrooms.



Marianne Khoury on the 6th Panorama's film education panel and MEDIMAGES
Film education has always been a priority for the Panorama of the European Film in Cairo, a festival founded in 2004 by Marianne Khoury, managing partner of Misr International Films. 


MEDIMAGES to kick off at Cairo’s Panorama of the European Film
A two-day workshop on film education, as well as special screenings for children and teenagers.






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