About us

The members agreed on the creation of the present association with the following objectives:

  • To lobby national and international institutions on the need to support distribution to increase the circulation of good quality films;
  • To share information and know-how between members;
  • To promote national cinematographies of countries in the South Mediterranean region in and outside the Arab region;
  • To conduct research and set up a permanent think thank to study the evolution of the South Mediterranean and Arab film industry;
  • To liaise with and learn from similar organisations around the world to defend the same interests in all the concerned countries;
  • To search for private and public funds in order to support the circulation of quality films, notably from the South Mediterranean countries.

It may use all means of raising finance directly and indirectly to fulfil these aims and notably lend its support and take an interest in all activities related to these aims. With a view to realising its social aims, the association the association can notably acquire, receive, and manage all property and buildings, solicit all subsidies from public or private institutions, receive all legacies and donations, make use of all loans, contributions, advances, or funds whether periodic or not and to perform, in a general manner, all acts of administration, disposition, acquisition or alienation within the framework of its activities, and necessary to its activities.

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