The MEDIS association is a network of distributors of Mediterranean countries. The network has been created thanks to the support of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme of the European Union.

The MEDIS members are distributors and producers from North Africa, Middle East and Arabic Peninsula, from Morocco to the United Arab Emirates. Some European members are accepted in order to strengthen relationships with European counterparts.

The association is composed of two categories of members: effective members who have voting rights and associate members who have consultative rights.

The MEDIS objective is to help the distribution of Mediterranean films in Mediterranean countries and territories and to support the circulation of foreign quality films in those same territories.

By extension, the ambition is also to encourage the distribution of Mediterranean films on the international scene.

MEDIS is an international non profit organisation based in Brussels.

The MEDIS network has several representatives in the majority of the North African countries, Middle East and Arabic Peninsula:

  • Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt,
  • Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan,
  • United Arab Emirates.

MEDIS has also representatives in Europe.

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